Hi, my name is Siv Elin Sel Hausken. 
I got my first Norwegian- Forest Cat in 2001, and now we have 7 cats 
living with us

We are a big family that lives at a small farm on Rennesoy. 
Beside me, we are 5 tolegged, 7 cats, 3 horses and a dog. 
At the farm we also have sheeps. 
It is my husband who runs the farm, and my daughter helps me out with my cats and the cattery

We live beside a beautiful norwegian nature surrounded 
with the big mountain wilds almost right outside our 
house. We also have a big catrun for our cats, and they 
move freely in and out our house as they wish. 
Our two adult NFO cats are great hunters, by the way. 

I hope you enjoy your visit at our homepage


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